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Award-winning science reporting by Sally Lehrman with an emphasis on race relations, identity and gender.

























The Sally Lehrman clip file: Health and society

How to remodel your home and keep your health, too

Orchid by kitchen
Yes, you can remodel green. Fortunately, it’s gotten much easier to avoid toxic products and to incorporate green materials and techniques into your remodeling job. Use these tips to create a peaceful and relaxing home that nurtures you, whether you're remodeling or not. Both originally in Alternative Medicine.


Is milk really good for you?

Glass of milkEvidence is accumulating that milk and milk products may not be the wholesome, ideal foods we think they are. The benefits of dairy, it turns out, have been vastly oversold. Originally in Alternative Medicine.


Tips for preventing osteoporosis naturally

Garden chardLactose intolerant and concerned about osteoporosis? Here’s the latest thinking on the best ways for the dairy-averse to support the bones that support us—along with some surprising news about what’s not worth doing. Originally in Alternative Medicine.


Is everyday life causing breast cancer?

Bra assemblage Increasingly, scientists are investigating the likelihood that toxins in our environment play a role in breast cancer. How to avoid everyday toxins that increase your risk of breast cancer and seek a healthier world.


Chronic fatigue solutions

A handful of doctors have developed successful strategies for helping people with chronic fatigue lead lives closer to normal. Most treat chronic fatigue with a blend of complementary and alternative therapies to address the systems presumed to have gone awry. Originally in Alternative Medicine.

Natural treatments to prevent - or cope with - the common cold

Yin Chao cold medicine
To attack the common cold with natural remedies: First step, offload the stress. Then pack the cupboard with Echinacea and vitamin C.